Solar Power Garden Light

Those looking for an easy introduction to a feasible solar power alternative to electricity can start by taking a look at a solar power garden light.

One of the biggest benefits of installing a solar power garden light is the money saved by not paying the electric company to keep it turned on. Additionally, there will be no wires to run underground that can also cause a short and injury to pets and small children. In fact, there are no wires to run at all, making the installation of a solar power garden light quick and easy and available in remote areas of the yard.

Typically, solar power garden lights can be installed simply by placing them into the desired area, insuring they have adequate exposure to the sun during the day. After dark, the automatic on feature of the solar power garden light will keep it lit throughout the night. Depending on the quality of the battery being used in the light, it may even last two or more nights without sunlight. Units with a timer can also help preserve battery life foe extended periods by not having them lighted during unneeded hours.

These types of lights can be especially useful in areas of the yard where extending power lines can be expensive and troublesome, such as areas surrounding swimming pools or water ponds in the yard. A solar power garden light can be installed safely and conveniently without the need of digging a trench through the yard.

While the cost of a solar power garden light may be higher than many others on the market, the savings in electric costs will more than pay for the difference in installation cost. In addition to the benefits of installation, saving on electricity is the second best benefit. There will also be no more transformers installed in the garage or basement to provide the 12-volt direct current power needed to run these lights.

While wired lights only have the wires underground with the transformer isolated in another location, they are also only good for powering so many lights. A typical installation with wires to the lights can accommodate up to about 12 lights and further from the transformer the lights are located, the less power they receive and the dimmer they burn. With a string of solar power garden lights, there is no drop in power with even the furthest ones out, maintaining even lighting for the length of the run.

With the cost of a solar power garden light slightly higher many people may not understand the eventual savings. However, with the benefits of no-dig installation and no cost to the utility bill, the benefits out weigh the initial price.

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