Solar Power Fountain Pumps

Choosing solar power fountain pumps over the more conventional electrical units can help the environment.

Choosing Solar Power Fountain Pumps

Any yard can benefit from the addition of a refreshing water fountain. Even the hottest summer day is more bearable with the sound of running water. In addition, you can enjoy the birds and wildlife that will be attracted by your new fountain. However, all water fountains have one thing in common – they use pumps in order to prevent the water from becoming stagnant which results in a breeding ground for insects and mold. These pumps require electricity which may not be that cheap. Since fountain pumps need to run around the clock they can lead to a high amount at the end of the month energy bill.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a fountain in your yard. Rather consider solar power fountain pumps. With solar power fountain pumps you can power your fountain with the same fuel that helps grow your garden, the sun. By installing solar power fountain pumps you won’t have to pay for the refreshing and beautiful addition to your yard.

How Solar Power Fountain Pumps Work

Solar power fountain pumps have a solar panel that collects light energy from the sun and turns it into energy that the pump uses to keep the water in your fountain, pond or waterfall circulating. The size of solar power fountain pumps you need is determined by the gallons per hour rating of the pump.

There is another terrific energy saving feature to solar power fountain pumps; on the brightest days the solar panel can store energy to make sure your fountain keeps running all night long and then during overcast days your fountain will still work. In addition, by having solar power fountain pumps you can place your fountain wherever in the yard you want as long as it is sunny. You don’t have to worry about situating it near a electricity feed from you home, garage or pool area. This allows you to place your fountain wherever it appeals to you. With solar power fountain pumps you can even have more than one fountain in your yard if you want.

So with these excellent benefits, why not consider solar power fountain pumps for your garden. By using these pumps you will not only save a lot of money on your electricity bill, but you can design a beautiful yard or garden that will have the whole neighborhood talking.

Solar power is providing new freedom for garden and yard design that you couldn’t have with regular electricity powered pumps.

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