Solar Power Birdbath Heater

Placing a solar power birdbath heater in your garden makes your garden an inviting home for birds year round.

Providing water for your outdoor feathered friends can be inviting during most warm months of the year, but the birds in the yard will want something to drink, if not splash around in, even in the dead of winter. A solar power birdbath heater can keep the water from freezing over and provide an open invitation to wildlife to keep their sights and sounds as part of your outdoor landscape, regardless of the weather.

For most, a birdbath is used not only as an attraction to the flying wildlife, but also as part of their outdoor decorations. Keeping the invitation open during the winter will also make friends with the birds. Additionally, many of the solar power birdbath heater styles can also be equipped with lights, to provide additional decoration during the night as well. Since both the light and the heater are operated by the same solar cells, there is no additional charge for electricity to operate either of them.

For the larger birdbath, small fountains can be incorporated into the picture and the solar power birdbath heater can keep the water from freezing to make the presentation during the cold months as well as at night. This will help maintain the outdoor appearance all year long.

Birds Bathing In The Shade Is No Problem

With many solar powered items, they photovoltaic cells have to be placed in direct sunlight in order to charge their batteries during the day and keep them functioning. Many of solar power birdbath heater units will have the cells built into the birdbath, in which case the bath will have to be in direct sunlight. For many landscape designs, this location may not be as appealing as placing the birdbath under a nearby tree, in the shade.

For this type of installation, a solar power birdbath heater can be found that has the solar panel separate from the birdbath. Placing the panel in the direct sunlight and the heater in the birdbath in the shade offers more versatility in the landscape layout. However, it will also require that a small wire be run between the solar panel and the solar power birdbath heater.

In some cases, it may be possible to place the solar panel on another nearby tree, but it will take a minimum of four to six hours of sunlight exposure to keep the batteries fully charged. A larger panel array may be needed if incorporating a fountain and lights with the solar power birdbath heater.

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