Solar Power Air Compressor

With rising energy costs and more awareness of the need to be environmentally friendly, companies and individuals are beginning to utilize the solar power air compressor. What are the uses and limitations of the solar power air compressor?

Solar Power Air Compressors Used By Oil And Gas Companies

Although for the moment non-renewable energy companies contributed to getting the planet into its current environmental crisis, it’s also working within their own ways to converting bit by bit to renewable energy.  And every little bit helps.  One of the great ways that oil and gas companies are using renewable energy is by buying and employing solar power air compressors.

Great, But What’s An Air Compressor?

“Air compressor” is one of those terms you hear all of the time, but couldn’t tell one if it compressed you in the face.  Even this writer’s brain went blank and she had to quite a sudden bit of research with a red face.  So, obviously, a solar power air compressor does the mysterious things a gas power air compressor does, just with renewable energy.

What do air compressors do?  Simply, they compress air. They work like power generators or battery cells in that they force energy to where it needs to go in order to make a device work.  They are often used in more remote and inaccessible areas where you just can’t plug your drill into a wall socket, because there are no walls.   Oil and gas companies use air compressors for a variety of tasks including drilling.

And solar power air compressors are being used in remote locations to drill for oil and natural gas.  Kinda makes you want to scratch your head, doesn’t it?  But it works for them and that’s just a bit more of the ozone layer saved.  Solar power air compressors can only run on solar energy.  They can’t be hooked up to a car battery, for example, to get one started.  This usually damages the solar power air compressor beyond repair.  In one way, you are assured that a solar power air compressor is entirely green.

What About For Me?

Okay, perhaps you are not a big oil company prospecting for oil in the middle of nowhere.  But there are solar power air compressors made small enough and inexpensive enough for more mundane uses such as charging up cell phones or laptops, running pneumatic tools, a source of emergency power and a number of other uses.  They vary in size and price.

A solar power air compressor is not just a tank and portable generator looking device, but also needs solar power panels and wiring from the panels to your solar power air compressor.  Usually these are always included when you buy a solar power air compressor.

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