Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation has become extremely popular over the last ten years as heating and electricity rates have continue to rise. When you discount the up front, one time installation costs of installing solar panels, the difference in energy costs can add up to thousands of dollars or more a year. In fact, in many cases, this one time expense is recouped in a few years.

The rising popularity of solar energy has not escaped the notice of the larger construction companies in many states as they invest in solar panel installation training for their employees. They realize that as more and more people come to the inevitable conclusion that finding alternative energy sources is a must, they have to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities. One way they can do this is to demonstrate their core competence in solar panel installations and training.

Before Starting Your Installation

Whether installing solar panels yourself or contracting it out to a professional installation company, you first have to determine energy specifications.

You start by measuring the cubic feet area of the structure that you are providing energy for. Also, are you installing solar panels for heat, for electricity, or both? Is your purpose to produce excess energy and sell the surplus to municipal energy companies? What type of efficiency ratings will you settle for? The higher the efficiency rating, the greater the cost. How much surface area do you have to work with for the solar panel installation? And what locations are these surface areas located in?

You have many types of solar panels to choose from – mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, thin film, and many more. Each type comes with its own distinct costs and advantages and disadvantages. Which should you choose for your particular environment.

These and many more questions are ones that you will have to answer before beginning the actual solar panel installation for your structure.

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