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Until fairly recently, the use of off grid solar power has been limited because of high manufacturing costs involved in producing solar panels necessary to draw energy from the sun. Now, however, solar energy costs are coming down across the board, making off grid solar power a viable alternative to traditional energy sources.

Building a home or small cabin in the middle of nowhere may be the dream of many, but when they realize that utility companies may be reluctant to extend power lines to the area, the dream often dies. Nowadays, however, with the use of the sun becoming more realistic to supply electricity, constructing a building where no electric lines are available, using off grid solar power units makes it more feasible.

Owning land in the middle of the woods can make an ideal spot for hunting, fishing or just for getting away from it all. However, giving up the amenities that many people have become accustomed to enjoying may not be high on everyone's list. Perhaps burning candles for reading and having a wood fireplace to keep warm or to cook with may not top everyone's list of comfort. Using off grid solar power can get the place connected with no cost to the electric company. Once the initial installation expense has paid for itself, there can be years of free power supplied to the retreat.

The expense of using off grid solar power may not be a choice for some who are determined to have their solitude while still enjoying their televisions. In many remote areas TV reception may be a major problem, so they will want enough power for VCRs or DVD players as well. Some may even invest in satellite television, using their off grid solar power units to provide the needed electricity. Meanwhile, others are purchasing plans for diy solar power generators.

Obviously, the more devices planned to be connected, the more solar panels and larger batteries that will be needed to keep the power on. In areas with a significant exposure to the sun, in most cases enough power can be stored to keep most appliances operating throughout the night. Refrigerators and heating units will literally eat away at the electricity stored in off grid solar power batteries, so additional batteries, or a revised heating and cooling system may be needed.

Consider your absolute minimum necessities for the location in helping to determine the size of the off grid solar power system needed. For just a few lights used in the evening, a small, one panel unit and a single battery may be enough. However, if plans include the use of a heater or air conditioner, a much larger off grid solar power unit will be required, connected to larger batteries to harness the energy.

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