What Is Solar Power

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As home energy rates rise each year, more and more homeowners are asking themselves the question, exactly what is solar power and is it feasible for me to use? Solar power is an incredible source of power emanating from a practically inexhaustible source – the sun. Solar power is a form of energy derived from… Read more »

Solar Powered Light

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A solar powered light is a great addition to any home, office, or industrial building. Not only are they energy efficient, but they are not vulnerable to loss of power during power blackout. If nothing else, this makes solar powered lights a great choice for alternative, as well as security lighting in many public venues…. Read more »

Solar Power Trailer

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A solar power trailer with the appropriate solar panels will not only cut your energy costs, it will also add peace and quiet to the community. There are few things more disturbing in a remote location than the sound of a power generator breaking through the typical silence. However, before the advent of a solar… Read more »