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The Multifaceted 400 w Solar Power Generator

Whether you're living off the grid or you just want a backup power source in case of power failures, a 400 w solar power generator could be just the thing you're looking for.

400 w is not a lot but enough to run a clock radio for a couple of day, a small refrigerator, a couple of light bulbs, and a small computer for maybe a day.

A 400 w solar power generator can generate electricity from sunlight; it has a battery bank to store the solar energy.  It also has an inverter to convert DC to AC electricity so that it can be utilized.  If this power generator is mounted on a trailer, the cost of operation and maintenance is quite low.

There is also a wireless solar power system which is 400w. It is like an inverter and can supply a good amount of electricity to any machine when there is a failure of electrical power. If it is used with wireless transmitters, it creates its own video surveillance system for remote video monitoring.

The 400w solar power generator is easy to install and set up.  It can be used for any portable video surveillance installation whether it is permanent or temporary. And for 5 days it can deliver continuous power even it is not recharged.  The designs are light and elegant and it can adjust to any weather conditions.

Any type of 400w solar power generator is nonpolluting and its basic job is to provide power whenever grid power is not available.  To go with the generator are the solar power generator panels which have to be installed to store sunlight. Ideal for traveling is the solar backpack often used for camping and hiking. Along with the solar power generator, a solar charger is often necessary which supplies the generator with renewable energy.  It charges multiple batteries at one time and is fully weatherproof; hence it is often used for navigation systems.

For industrial purposes 400w solar power generators are used.  This is for the purpose of site loads which may be varied, sometimes just 12 volts and going up to 48 volts. The system that is installed on the site provides reliable power and with the help of solar applications the batteries get charged and can provide a deep cycle operation.

The solar panels of the generator along with the system are fully assembled, and they are designed to withstand frequent transportation to remote sites.  The support structures are made of aluminum and the battery enclosures are lightweight but strong. The generator along with the whole power system is corrosion resistant as it may have to withstand severe weather locations.

The 400w solar power generator can produce voltage up to 12 VDC and the battery strength is about 800 Amps per hour. Such power generators have several applications like data collections, telecommunications, traffic and road signaling, area or sign lighting and even irrigation control.

The 400w solar power generators are totally reliable, they are quiet, unlike diesel and electric generators, and are easy to operate. The whole system with the generator is prewired and pre-assembled, so installation is easy too.  Maintenance is free, and the running cost is low, as the energy is provided by the sun.

Off Grid Solar Power
Until fairly recently, the use of off grid solar power has been limited because of high manufacturing costs involved in producing solar panels necessary to draw energy from the sun.

Portable Solar Power Systems
If you're camping or involved in some other outdoor activity where you'll be away from any of the traditional power sources for a while, one of the portable solar power systems might be just what you need to get you through the day.

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